Saints of WYD 2011: St. Mary (or Maria) of the Head!

Kathryn Diener

Yeah, a married Saint! Who was also married to a Saint (St. Isidore)… Talk about intimidating and inspiring! St. Mary and St. Isidore help us understand the sanctity and beauty of the vocation of marriage. They illustrate the concept of “The Domestic Church“– that the home is the smallest form of Church and a true path to holiness. Its easy to see the vocation to the consecrated life (priests, monks, and nuns) as a higher calling. But Holy Mother Church, in Her wisdom, has given us plenty of married saints to help illustrate that both vocations– consecrated and marriage– are paths to holiness. They just each take different forms.

St. Mary and St. Isidore had one son– Illan. You may have heard the story of Illan falling into a well at a young age. The prayers of Mary and Isidore are said to have made the waters of the well rise and bring their son back into their arms. St. Mary did not have an easy life. Being a wife and mother during the Middle Ages was no easy task. There were rigorous chores and many hardships– be they illness or farming for one’s very livelyhood. And the threat of poverty and death was never far away.

But, St. Mary confronted these challenges with strength, hard work, holiness, grace, and love. She and St. Isidore experienced a blessed and loving marriage, and had a deep devotion to the Eucharist and Our Blessed Mother. The Holy Family was their model, and they achieved sanctity in and through their relationships– with each other, and with Christ.


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