Saints of WYD 2011: St. Isidore the Worker

I’ve already talked a bit about St. Isidore the Worker, as he was married to St. Mary of the Head. However, here is another cool fact about St. Isidore. He worked as a farmer, and he would begin everyday by first attending Mass.

My mom attends Mass daily and I remember once asking her what she did when she got busy. Her response was that God multiplied her time if she began it with Him. St. Isidore seems to have experienced something similar. He would often accomplish the work of 3 men, and once his Master saw another plow pulling along beside Isidore, but upon closer inspection, it was only Isidore. It was said that the angels themselves assisted Isidore in his labors. Isidore found dignity and sanctity by uniting and giving his labors to Christ, something we can all do at any stage in our lives. He and his wife, Mary, are the patron Saints of Madrid.

St. Isadore is also known in Madrid for a fascinating miracle. you can read more on this HERE


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