The Begining of a Whole New Adventure

Ok, this being my first blog EVER, I think it fair to warn y’all that I have a very bad habit of writing whatever tends to pop into my head, and how I would most likely say them.  That being said, these blogs are most likely going to be very lengthy.  However, that could be a good thing…I think.

To “kick off,” I figured it would appropriate to describe how and when Travis and I were giving the opportunity to attend such an amazing “Adventure” at World Youth Day, in Madrid Spain.

Well, it all started about two years ago  when my family was stationed in Prattville, Alabama. It was during this time when the thought of going to WYD was more of a vague idea rather than a finalized plan (It was soon left in the forgotten past). However, about a year later we heard from some friends that the Raleigh Diocese of North Carolina was taking a large group to WYD.  This, unfortunately, was during the time we lived in Virginia. At this time we had no inclination that we may or may not be moving back to our beloved home in NC.  The idea of attending WYD was once again– forgotten.  About two months after our happy move back to Hampstead, NC my mom approached us with the question of whether or not we would like to join the Raleigh group to WYD. Of course we would be put on the waiting list, due to our very very late entry.  With that in mind: I decided “Why not?” feeling that if I didn’t think about it I wouldn’t be so disappointed when told that we would  not be able to go.

On the  Eleventh of July, some good friends of ours from Rocky Mt., NC, were visiting us (as well as having the intent to steal some UVB rays from the sun) at the sandy beaches of Topsail. These are also the very friends who not only were going to WYD, but were trying very hard to help us get on the trip.  Shortly after their arrival, Mrs. Love received a phone call.  All I know is that she was talking and running around the house with my mom for a long time.  Then, all of a sudden, I got a tap on my shoulder, and as I turned around to face my mother handing me my passport, she said, “Your going to need this.”  Honestly, I had nooooo idea what she was implying.  So after about three minutes of my mom smiling at me, while I sat there stupefied, trying to figure out what was going on, it hit me; I WAS GOING TO WORLD YOUTH DAY IN MADRID, SPAIN!!!!  At first it came out as several of the same question, “Really, we’re really going, and this isn’t some kind of sick joke???”  After being reassured  several times it sank in that I was indeed going!

It wasn’t until the excitement settled down a notch, when the realization of $6,500 hit us, and that we only had about four weeks to raise that much, where-as everyone else had three years.  However, Travis and I have been truly blessed with wonderful selfless family and friends, and we can hardly find words to describe our gratitude toward every single one of them. It is because of them that we not only reached  our goal, but everyday the mail brings more and more donations that will go towards food, trip insurance, phone rent, and so much more.  As we have mentioned before, your special intentions will be in our prayers, as well as all of our seminarians, and whoever may be discerning the religious life.

I think that is about it.  Oh, and do you believe me now, when I said that I tend to write/talk too much?? Haha! Well, there are four more days till take off, and I still have a lot of packing to do.  So I will leave you for now, and I hope you all will be following me during this upcoming pilgrimage at Lourdes, Avala, and Madrid.


~*Emily Seymour*~


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