The Packing Challenge

Can you believe that there is only 1 more day until we leave for Europe?! I sure can’t. Every time I start thinking about it, I begin to feel the same butterflies (from the day I heard we were going) re-enter my stomach.

Well it’s Thursday and I haven’t even started packing (until this morning), unless you want to count getting all my laundry washed. However, I have “met” my two awesome roomies; Emma and Lauren. Well, met them on Facebook, at least. I think they both said that they too are posting blogs, so you should read what they have to write! I cant wait to meet them on Friday!

Ok, I went off track for a second there. So I do have reason for being late in my packing process. As some of you may not know, I’m a lifeguard at one of the pools in Hampstead. Well, due to one of the guard’s sudden departure, there are now only two of us to watch the pool. Therefore, a lot more shifts. Oh, and to top that off, I just got another job as a waitress at a newly opened restaurant. So, that too has been time consuming. You may be asking yourself, “Why doesn’t she just pack when she gets home from work?” Haha, it’s not all that easy. I’m a very organized person, thus in order to arrange and plan in an organizing fashion, I have to be in a clean and organized environment. My room, however, is not. Those of you who know me, are well aware that I would never allow anything to remain out of it’s place any longer than a day (at most). So what could be the cause of such a chaotic mess? Well, think about what usually happens around this time of the year, when supplies are bought, boxes are out, clothes are laid out, and old junk is “sorted.”. Have you guessed it yet? If I said that it has to do with a certain family member who comes home for holidays, and takes over your room all summer, would that help your guess a little more?? Ok if you haven’t guessed it, then I’ll just tell you. My complete opposite in almost every way, Mary Kate. Yes, just about everything imaginable that a college student should (and shouldn’t bring) is all over the floor, bed, dresser, and even the bookshelves. Haha, the ironic thing is, despite both of our differences, my sister and I are surprising very close, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She told me today that she will have the room “right as rain” by the time I get home from work (I sure hope so) :p

So far I’ve told three of my friends (who won’t be able to go) that, if they want to come, they would have to travel via my suitcase. BIG mistake! Why? Because, when I was at our WYD meeting, last Wednesday, all the pilgrims were informed that the weight limit (for the ONE checked bag) will be limited to 50lbs!! How on earth am I going to fit ten days worth of clothes, and other essentials, along with three friends in one bag, under 50lbs?!?! This may sound impossible, but that’s what I live for, to make the impossible possible!…well, all that is within my ability.

One of my friends, Molly, lives further south and told me that if I don’t get her to fit in my suitcase, then there is nooo way I’ll be able to fit in hers, when she visits her home in Kazakstan, Russia. “Oh you of little faith” I will make this packing process a prelude to the “Adventure,” and I will be happy!!! 😀

My break is well over, so I will leave you (for now).

Haha!! I just thought of something. How awesome would it be to end every blog with “To Be Continued”?!?! It may sound corny, but oh who cares!

To Be Continued…

~*Emily Seymour*~


One response

  1. Molly

    Thanks Emily and yes u are not going into my suitcase when i go back to visit over seas this coming summer and u wont be able to come and have the fun we do in Kazakhstan every night!!!! hahahaha well as for Mary Kate tell her i said hi and that she can make your room a chaos for my sake!!! I love Mary Kate!!!

    August 12, 2011 at 11:08 am

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