Public Trip Itinerary

Do you want to know where the pilgrims are?  Please check below to find our trip itinerary.  Please remember that France and Spain are 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time.  The times listed will be our time in Europe with Eastern Standard Time in parenthesis.


Friday August 12:(travel day)

  • Depart RDU for London

Saturday August 13: (travel day/ Lourdes, France)

  • Arrive in London for our layover to Toulouse France.
  • Mass in Heathrow Airport
  • Depart for Toulouse
  • Travel to Lourdes by Bus
  • Arrive in Lourdes

Sunday August 14:(Lourdes, France)

Monday August 15: ( Travel Day)

  • Depart for Madrid by bus
  • Stop in Zargoza, Spain for lunch and a tour of the Cathedral
  • Arrive in Madrid and settle into our hotel

Tuesday August 16: (WYD day 1)

  • Optional Trip to Avila, Spain
  • 8:00pm (2:00pm) Opening Mass

Wednesday August 17: (WYD day 2)

  • WYD activities

Thursday August 18: (WYD day 3)

  • WYD activities
  • 12:00pm (6:00am) The Pope arrives in Madrid
  • 7:30pm (1:30pm)Papal welcome to the Pilgrims

Friday August 19: (WYD day 4)

  • WYD activities
  • 7:30pm (1:30pm) Via Crusis with Pope Benedict XVI

Saturday August 20: (WYD day 5)

  • WYD activities
  • Travel to Cuatro Vientos for final mass
  • 8:30pm (2:30pm) Adoration and Benediction with Pope Benedict XVI

Sunday August 21: (WYD day 6)

  • 9:00am (3:00am) Mass with Pope Benedict XVI
  • Back to Madrid

Monday August 22: (travel day)

  • Depart Madrid for Raleigh
  • Arrive in Raleigh




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